Stars on the Sea

marcodevisser-com_illuminescent-plankton-by-night-3                              Have you ever seen a magnificent view where you can see the sea sparkle with little lights just like the galaxy? Well,Here’s the catch, Philippines was known for its wonderful white sand beaches where you can see a lot of tourists from around the world who enjoys their vacation, one of the most visited beaches in the Philippines is Batangas City where the Taal Lake is located. Beaches in Batangas are known for the Bioluminescent Phytoplanktons that illuminates the beach at night. Bioluminescent phytoplanktons are creatures that can produce light through chemical reactions taking place within their bodies known as Bioluminescence. It is a light producing chemical also called chemiluminescence. These chemicals when mixed together produce energy which excites other particles on vibration and generate light which causes glow. Bioluminescent plankton doesn’t just glow all the time. It takes energy to make the chemicals that allow them to glow.

                        As you make trails with your hands on the sea water, you will notice that the water will glow like stars in the sky. The scene will surely transform your whole vacation experience!


Photo by M. Devisser




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