Experience the Magic of Borealis


                      Want to see Aurora Borealis personally? I bet you ain’t gonna say no once you see the picture attached. Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights can only be seen if you have patience to wait, sounds funny but true. Well, Auroras are hard to predict with precision. Catching the magical phenomenon needs dark, clear skies and a viewing spot not affected by light pollution, like neon signs and street lights. You need to be away from the city and find a nice spot.

                         There is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon; it says that Northern lights or Aurora Borealis are caused by electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with each other upon entering the atmosphere. Then that will result in the emissions of different colors of light.

                           If there is a scientific explanation, there is also a legend of the Aurora. According to some folklore, Auroras are caused by a fox running and whipping up snow with its tails and sending sparks up the Northern sky. The Finnish name for the Northern lights, “revontulet”, means “fox fire” that came from this myth.

                      The Aurora doesn’t run a schedule, often it happens for only 30 minutes. So, it’s best if you experience seeing this magical phenomenon with the person you love. It would be a great add up to your memories. Go travel and visit Lapland, it’s the best place to wait and see Aurora Borealis personally.

Photo By:  Harry Polham


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