The Mysterious Sailing Stones


            Here it goes! Now, let’s find out why these stones in Death Valley National Park, California are constantly moving or sailing stones as they are called. It’s kind of creepy right? Why these heavy stones are moving and leaving a trail without any human or animal intervention? Others are saying that the stones move only when nobody is looking.
According to Science, the rocks’ movements are due to high winds, liquid water, or ice, and scientists discovered that it’s a balance of all of these factors. They said that the rocks won’t move if there is too much sun, water or ice, or not enough wind. These elements should act in a perfect balance for the mysterious stones to sail. Just like what they’ve said, everything has an explanation.
In contrast, this phenomenon is clearly not a mystery to be solved. This is a proof that God created everything uniquely with a beauty and purpose. Well, we know that this stone sailing mystery is very creepy, right? But I am really amazed by it. We can see its beauty because nothing happened like this and its purpose is for people to unlock Gods different and wonderful creations.

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