Hillier’s Rosy Lake


I bet most of the people have tried to swim on the lake. Well, how about on a lake colored with pink water? Unusual right?  But yes! It exists. Maybe you’re thinking right now that it is just a manmade lake or anything but it is one of our Gods natural creations.  Isn’t it amazing?

The lake that I’m talking about is the Lake Hillier located at the Western side of Australia. The lake was colored a bilious, Pepto-Bismol shade of pink. .  According to the article of Ken Jennings, Lake Hillier is a nature preserve covered in dense eucalyptus forest.  In January 1802, Matthew Flinders, a British explorer who captained the HMS Investigator went ashore and climb to the island’s highest peak. He was surprised to see a small lake of a rose color. He named the lake for Willliam Hillier; a crewman who died during their exploration on the island. They then discovered that the lake was almost as salty as the Dead Sea.

While researching, I discovered that Lake Hillier isn’t the world’s only pink lake. Lake Retba, on the coast of Senegal has also Lake Hillier’s rosy color appearance. The lake has species of red-pigmented algae, lending it its unusual color. Scientists believe that same algae are responsible for both lakes unusualness.  The lake is really attractive especially from the air view. So what are you waiting for? Visit and enjoy the place!

Photo By: Muft Hansa


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